Kinnernord is the the first Nordic edition of the Kinnernet uncoferenc founded by Yossi Vardi, founding investor of ICQ and one of the major figures of the Israeli innovation ecosystem. He launched the famous Kinnernet in 2003, which takes place every ear in Israel and he is the chairman of several top events and unconferences around the world.

Kinnernet is the most prestigious unconference and it is recognised as the most brightest and outstand, for its contents and attendees. 

The Kinnernet community is formed of entrepreneurs, techology visionairies, startup founders, scientists, media professionals, and creatives who share the goal of co-creating groundbreaking ideas, exploring new concepts, discussing the future of the humanity and how to improve our world. 

Previous Kinnernet unconference have taken place across the world from Israel, France, Italy, Mexico, Portgual, to Sweden. And now it is time to bring the Kinnernet spirit to Estonia. 

Kinnernord is different. Originated from the discussion of Yossi Vardi and Jussi Tapio (which Yossi described as the “most stupid idea he has heard”), it is held annually in the middle of the deepest winter in the north, surrounded by the darkness, coldness, ice and fire.

Kinnernord does not aim for luxury in its settings but in its spirit. Pulling away from the city's hustle offers a chance for a peaceful and intimate experience that many will never experience.


When & Where

Kinnernord 2019 takes places from 7 - 10 March 2019 in the historic and rustical Vihula Manor and is strictly invite only, exclusive event for bringing the unique format to the Nordic region.

The event is hosted by Yossi Vardi (Kinnernet, DLD Conference), Riina Raudne (Akkadian), Jussi Tapio (Ghost), and Sten-Kristian Saluveer (Storytek).


Kinnernet has no specific theme or topic like a regular conference. The event aims to self generate an unique human experience and a number of side effects are enabled like trust, discovery, networking, content creation, participation and co-creation. Everything happens in a a very spontaneous and natural way.

The participants  leave amazed, inspired, and armed with new thinking, new ideas and new friends and partnerships for the future.

The Master Board

Crowd sourcing determines the content of the event, which begins with an empty master board to be filled by the attendees with ideas or topics to discuss. 

The master board outlines the key moments of each day, allowing participants to freely manage activities and contents.

Everyone is expected to participate and contribute. Participants are the real protagonists of the event and discuss topics that they propose themselves.


Radical Self Relianace

Kinnernet is a radically self organized event. The conference program, events, workshops, performances and discussions are proposed on site through the process of ideation, collaboration and negotiation. 

Although the Kinnernet invitees come from across the world from revolutionary startups, acclaimed scientific institutions, globally known corporations, investment funds, creative and media organizations Kinnernet sets these boundaries aside. 

By recieving the invitation you as other attendees will be responsible for arranging your own travel and logistics, participate and contribute to the activities and collaborative events and set your business goals aside to leave space for the ideas, discussions and moments to happen that many previous attendees have described as extraordinary.

Preliminary Schedule

Thursday 7 March

Arrival in Tallinn & Departure to Vihula Manor
Check in / Registration
Kinnernord Kickoff & Opening Dinner
Gadgeton & Powerpoint Karaoke

Friday 8 March

Outdoor activities in the winter wonderland and forests of Vihula
Discussions & Sessions
Sauna building
Concert Night
Singing & Jacomo salon

Saturday 9 March

Outdoor activities in the winter wonderland and forests of Vihula and vist to the Northern coast
Cooking Madness & Dinner
DJ and Kinnernord Party

Sunday 10 March

Morning debate
Departure from Vihula to Tallinn


Support Kinnernord

Kinnernord is strictly non-profit event,  but the participation of suppoers and sponsor help it to take place. We dont offer logo visibility, speeches or any of the traditional marketing visibiliy. Instead you will be able to discuss, exchange and learn from the best minds and souls in the world and build ideas that money cannot buy.


Your can reach the organizers of Kinnnernord at

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